Moana Oceania Tok Stories - Te Taumata Toi-a-iwi


Every Tuesday from 7th July we will be releasing the gifts of knowledge from nine Moana Oceania island nations. Some of these will be accompanied with ‘Tok Stori Tuesdays’.  Tune on 11 August 2020 at 4pm for “Take 2" of Dr Michael Mel's tok stori on a Mogei, in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, lens on 'what art is'.

Then followed by:

  • 18th August 2020 – Rotuma, with Fesaitu Solomone;
  • 25th August 2020 – Hawai‘i with Dr Manulani Aluli Meyer;
  • 1st September 2020 – Tonga, Hūfanga-He-Ako-Moe-Lotu Dr 'Ōkusitino Māhina and Maui-TāVā-He Ako Dr Tēvita 'O. Ka'ili
  • 8 September 2020 – Cook Islands, Mama Mary Ama accompanied by a Cook Islands Au Vainetini
  • 15 September 2020 – Lagi-Maama Academy & Consultancy, and ALL of our 'Tok Stori Tuesdays' Holders of Knowledge.