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What are Moana Oceania arts?

Lagi-Maama Academy & Consultancy was commissioned by Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi in January 2020 to carry out a scoping research on the arts of Moana Oceania. The name ‘Moana Oceania’ is used in place of the imposed and problematic term ‘Pacific’ to empower and privilege Indigenous languages and perspectives. It embodies worldviews that are strongly connected to Aotearoa New Zealand but have their roots in the wider Moana Oceania region.

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‘Tok Stori Tuesdays’

During the on-line weekly platform each of our ‘Arts’ of Moana Oceania contributors shared/presented their paper/thoughts on what art is from their own Indigenous unique lens 

‘Tok Stori’ in Context:

We draw on the knowledge of one of our contributors to ‘Arts’ of Moana Oceania, Dr Kabini Sanga, to contextualise the concept and practice of ‘Tok Stori’ and he explains that: “Tok stori, a form of discursive communication, is an everyday occurrence in the Western Moana Oceania region. To speak of tok stori is to invoke a way of negotiating with the social world. In tok stori, storying is something one does together: a story is constructed by speakers and listeners. Tok stori takes place when people interchange and exchange, creating a collective experience in which the development of relationships is both an accompaniment to, and a purpose of, storying. Group activity which develops knowledge is the stuff of life in Western Moana Oceania societies: this truth is embodied in the everyday nature of tok stori." 

Check out this this blog for more on tok stori by Dr Kabini Sanga & Dr Martyn Reynolds: 

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