Moana Oceania - Pitcairn - Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi


These eei are whalebone tapa beaters that have been handed down through Meralda Warren’s family and remain in her possession, where she is keeper of them. They belong to Mauatua Christian (whose mark is engraved on the handle of one and the other is engraved on the side) and were passed down to her great great great granddaughter Mimi Christian (Meralda’s step grandmother) who never had children of her own. Mimi married Meralda’s grandfather Christopher Warren where she passed on the eei to her father Jacob Warren for Meralda to be the keeper of them. These eei are entirely unique to Pitcairn Island. Other almost identical Pitcairn eei exist in collections around the world today.
Illustration by Cecelia Faumuina

Pitcairn tapa and the 'Ahu Sistas