Moana Oceania - Papua New Guinea (PNG), Mogei, Mt Hagen area - Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi

Mogei, Mt Hagen area

Mbu Rui

Mbu Rui is the ceremonial axe for the Mogei. Crafted by skilled crafts person, it is owned and held by the wo nuim – a male knowledgeable in history of lineage and ancestry, articulate and proficient in language and poetry, respectful and considerate in demeanour, conducts his affairs with wisdom and insight, and maintains material wealth and links to neighbouring clans. It is a marker of him as wo nuim. Carried in the hand or worn with the handle tucked in his bark belt on the side and blade facing back, he steps out for an oration during special exchange ceremonies. 
Collected from the Mt Hagen area in the early sixties and sold recently in a Sydney Tribal Art Fair. In private collection. 
Illustration by Cecelia Faumuina

Art/Body: In And Through The ‘Eyes’ Of The Mogei In The Highlands Of Papua New Guinea

Paper prepared by Dr Michael Mel

In my context, the Mogei of the Mt Hagen area in Papua New Guinea (PNG) people have an avid desire to make sense of the world. Read more

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