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Iliili Niue

This iliili Niue was made by tufuga iliili Niue Hana Tauekipaoa in 2014. The body of the fan is intricately woven young coconut leaf with a wooden handle and coconut sennit fibre lashing interwoven with pandanus leaf. Iliili Niue are only made for special occasions and Hana, at 82 years old, is the only surviving tufuga of iliili Niue and currently resides in Niue.
Collection of Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, 2015.14.4, 56756.4
Illustration by Cecelia Faumuina

"The two heavens of the tufuga: Creative expressions of tufuga Niue"

Western concept and assumptions

In 2018 I (Nuhisifa) visited the Louvre museum in Paris to view the Mona Lisa and to see the Pacific arts collection. Walking in the hallways of the world’s most famous art museum towards the Mona Lisa I felt overwhelmed by the wall to wall European paintings and sculptures. It was not hard to find the Mona Lisa as one had to only look for the crowds of people. After some maneuvering (aka pushing and shoving) of people I was able get to the front and view the Mona Lisa up close. Satisfied that I had achieved one of my goals for the day I went in search of the Pacific arts collection.  Read more