Creative sector capability development - Te Taumata Toi-a-iwi

Investing in Creative Sector Capability Development

Manatū Taonga the Ministry of Culture and Heritage is now accepting applications for the Te Tahua Whakakaha Cultural Sector Capability Fund. The fund aims to support the cultural sector to adapt to the COVID-19 environment by funding projects that build skills and knowledge, and provide access to advice, services, tools and resources.

As applications open, this review by Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi Investing in Capability Development provides an overview of the current landscape of capability development in the creative sector; principles of good practice for creative sector capability support; and models and considerations for collaborative investment. Produced for our Auckland Investors Group, the review looks at the key aspects of capability development, who benefits from development, and the various delivery mechanisms for supporting development.

“As the Government puts money into the sector to aid recovery, it’s good to see some of that is being earmarked to support capability development,” says TTTAI chief executive, Alison Taylor. “Used wisely, this will have an impact on the strength of our creative infrastructure well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our report is designed to help inform sector conversations about where capability development can be focused, and how it can be approached most effectively. We see a need for development to help agencies build greater organisational resilience, address current and future financial and business viability, adapt to new operating contexts, and develop future-focused models of practice and audience engagement. There is also a need to develop strategies to address growing pressures on the personal and professional wellbeing of creatives.”

Alison says that the report should help the process of collaboration that the Ministry is encouraging.

“We like the priority being given to applications that can show collaboration and/or collective benefit. In my experience, this is a sector where people are keen to work together, to avoid using scarce resources on duplicate initiatives, and to share potential solutions to common issues".

Applications for round one of funding from the Cultural Sector Capability Fund must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday, 9 February 2021, with decisions likely to be communicated to applicants in April 2021. Following round one, Manatū Taonga will review the settings and may refine the approach for future funding rounds.