Budget Submission - Te Taumata Toi-a-iwi

Auckland Council’s Budget

submissions close 22 March 2021

Auckland Council Recovery Budget - 2021-2031

Feedback from the ngā toi / arts and culture sector

We need your help!

Auckland Council is seeking feedback on its ten-year Recovery Budget.  This 2021-2031 plan for the region aims to position Auckland “to recover strongly from the severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and recession” and maintain the city’s progress “towards fulfilling our role as New Zealand’s world-class, globally competitive and inclusive city.” Information on the ten-year Budget is available here.

Council is a major provider of resources to the ngā toi / arts and culture sector of Tāmaki Makaurau. We are keen to ensure that the needs of the ngā toi / arts and culture sector are not overlooked as the Budget is finalised.

We think investment in the recovery and renewal of the sector, as a unique contributor to Auckland’s status as a world-class city, should be a priority for Council.

Feedback from individuals and organisations will help Council understand what is happening in the ngā toi / arts and culture sector, how the sector’s needs can best be met within COVID-19 financial constraints, and the potential for the sector to find creative solutions to contribute both its own recovery, and to the recovery of the region as a whole.

To help people and organisations in the sector inform the Council about what is needed to ensure the sector’s recovery and renewal, and secure the long-term benefits to the region of a strong ngā toi / arts and culture sector we have developed a template you can use to help you provide feedback to the Council.

Please feel free to adapt the template to provide your information and insights.

The closing date for submissions is noon 22 March 2021.

Please use this template if you require a word document.

Please use this template if you require a pdf document.