Art Enterprise

ART Enterprise was designed to foster enterprise development and boost entrepreneurialism in key organisations that are central to a creative city region.

Cornerstones of the ART Enterprise programme


A flexible, partnership approach:

  • ART enterprise took a partnership approach between the participating organisation and ART, with resource packages tailored to the organisation and their aspirations.


Supporting enterprise development:

  • It allowed organisations to investigate and develop strategies and enterprises that will improve their organisation and what they offer to the sector and the wider community.
  • The creative enterprise could have commercial or primarily non-commercial outcomes, but a core outcome is the enhancement of future growth and the development of the organisation and the area of the sector that it interfaces with.


 Promoting the growth of opportunities for the creative sector:

  • Capacity building within the sector, brought about through the development of the organisation and the enterprise that they develop.
  • Improved pathways for creative practitioners into the activities and programmes provided by the organisation